Creativity Is Human

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Unlocking Imagination

While doing my MA in Creative Writing, we were given the task of walking around outside to ‘find poetry.’ Why not?
Wordsworth famously did it. He walked and walked and walked to find his poetry.
We didn’t do it exactly the same way, but we did it just the same. If poetry can be found by exploring, being curious, and letting everything around you inspire you, why shouldn’t it work just as well for copywriting?

Welcome to my world of ‘found copy’ where creativity is very much a human element

These spec ads are just ideas. No one has paid me to do them and any brand names I use in them are to help me illustrate my creativity and writing ability. They can also not be used without my permission.


Who broke the Nutella jar and just left the chocolate there to melt? Hire the best detectives in town to crack the case. I would hire David Addison from Moonlighting; who am I kidding? I would have broken the jar myself just to go undercover with him.


KitKat is famous for its breaks. The chocolate is designed to break in a certain way, but some of us go against the grain and break it the other way. In this copy, the break refers to a breakdown, and it is a play on words to advertise the services of a psychiatrist.

kitchen sink

How do you advertise a product and an aspect of it that you want to sell without showing it or directly referring to the specific characteristic? You show and don’t tell and let the product audience pick up on how the car, in this case, is big enough to take everything you need with you.

Human Resource Consultant

Ever worked in an office where things escalate very quickly when it comes to matters of hygiene? This may be going too far, but just imagine you ask your colleagues nicely to wash their own dishes a few times, and still, they leave them in the sink to stink out the whole kitchen. You are left with no choice but to tell them that their mother does not work in the office, and the person who doesn’t clean up after themselves just happens to be a little sensitive about what people say about her.

coffee - creativity is human

Real coffee drinkers just want their coffee to go so they can start their day. This copy is for those of us who have enough decisions to make in our everyday lives without also having to answer ten questions before our coffee reaches our lips.


I love a good play on words, and after I found this crisp cylinder that had been run over by cars multiple times, it just came to me. Plus, I did look up some gyms close to me.