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Do you like a lot of identity with your copy?
Do you want a creative yet clear copy that will turn a few heads?
Do you want your brand story to be told?

I could ask more questions but I will start boring myself very soon, let alone you.

So, should we get down to the business of how my writing can benefit you?

Oh no, another question 😁

Unleashing the Power of Words


Brand Voice

This is where you will answer a few questions about your brand character, I will flesh-out the way your brand will speak to portray that character and get your core values across.

You know your business, you know your customer and I know how to flesh out characters, it could be a match made in branding heaven.

Scripts for Video Posts

Scripts for Video Posts

Videos are easy to consume, videos need minimum effort to watch, and if you do it right, videos sell and get you noticed.

Not all videos need a script but there should be some direction involved, so whether you want a script to go with your ideas or you need some kind of written direction, then I am your video gal.

Social Media Posts Content

Social Media Posts / Content

You give me your strategy, where you want to go with each post and I will make it seem like poetry, or we could find the way together.

Don’t let the poetry talk put you off. They don’t have to be a long-winded posts that rhyme and philosophise, they can be short and to the point. The important fact is that I will write the posts to get you noticed, make you shareable and followable.

Posts are not the only way I can flex my social media writing muscle. I can also shape your About section.

Linkedin for Businesses

LinkedIn Posts for Businesses

They say the client is always right but to get to the point where you know what the client is right about you first need to find them. If you are in the business-to-business sector, or if you sell to the end user but need a more professional feel, then you need LinkedIn presence.

With 134.5 million users actively using the business portal daily, it is hard to argue with the logic, but with 134.5 million users actively using it daily, you have to stand out.

I have worked with founders of companies and digital marketing agencies to come up with content that converts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Post for Professionals

LinkedIn Post for Professionals

This is a little different to LinkedIn posts for businesses because I will be portraying you.

LinkedIn is the place where business is done, contacts are made, and first impressions count for those using it as a tool to bring in more capital and clients.

Editing services


In my day job I have been editing financial articles for over six years. Along the way I have edited guides, website content, social media posts, basically anything that was thrown at me. I have guided writers on how to write better through the process also – but that is my next professional step, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Point is, I have the experience and working as a journalist for over six years gave me direct contact to editors in chief that were way ahead of the game.

blog posts

Blog Posts

This is where it gets interesting. Blogs are great tools to get you noticed, show you are a thought-leader, and let you show rather than tell the world you know what is going on around you and you could take on the world – if you had to of course.

Head over to my blog posts to see what I do but do keep in mind that their style and flow suits me and will not necessarily suit you.

website content

Website Content

Do you know how long it took me to actually write my website content. Not long but it took me ages to understand what needed to be written for me.

You won’t have that problem because I will figure out exactly how the content of your website can take you to where you want to go together.

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