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Are you sitting comfortably?

Good. Let me tell you a story.

At 30 I went to the UK to study Creative Writing Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University and during our first class the teacher asked if we consider ourselves poets. The students in their 20s considered the answer, the more mature students thought the title was too profound for them and I just said “of course.”

Big headed much? Pompous to a fault?

No, just real. I am not too sure about many things when it comes to me, but of this there is no doubt. I write. I have been writing ever since I can remember. I was writing before it became fashionable and before someone realised writing could make them lots of money said “anyone can be a writer.”

Putting letters together in a sentence may be writing, but a writer it does not make you.

I started off with poetry. I thought I was good at it but all I was doing was falling in love with words at the beginning. I would turn out the lights, light a few candles and very romantically feel the rush of the fountain pen as it glided on the page. More tears came then ink, but hey, what is done is done.

Then I discovered advertising. What do you call those people who come up with the idea for advertisements and what do you call those people who write for them? Copy writer was next on my list as I reached out to local advertising agencies and got a few gigs.

Technical writing came to pay for my Bachelor’s degree, then journalism to be part of a more in-crowd – I thought anyway – and then content writer, strategist, and the one who digs deep into your soul to give you brand voice.

That pretty much brings us to today.

A poet who loves advertising, who needs to write to let anger out, to understand difficult circumstances, and to challenge who she was yesterday.

That is all about me, but do stick around, your story has yet to be told or needs to be told in a different way, half the fun is getting there, just grab my hand.

maria gregoriou meet your writer
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