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Use Content-Location to Get Your Company Where It Needs to Go

Does business location still matter? Yes, but the meaning behind it and how it matters have changed.

Where your business was physically located used to be at the top of business plans. It had to be close to the action, easy to access, and somewhere people wanted to be. Now the focus has moved from the physical location to online presence and being present in memory and homes. Yes, the last part of the sentence was always part of the business location playbook, but how you accomplish this has taken on another twist.

Get ready to find out how your business can find its rightful presence by being present and getting into the right lanes.

Customer Memory

Don’t put yourself in the corners of customers’ memories. After the sale, you still have to show up. You have to remind them why they trusted you in the first place and make them see they were right to do so, and they can do it time and time again.

Here are a few ways to get into your customers’ memories:

Push Notifications

This kind of interaction can work wonders; just don’t overdo it. They are quick, short, and pop up, just like a memory. Depending on your strategy and the kind of notification, you can use emojis to get the point across with an image so they will start reading, use action words to get things moving, and use the ‘you’ factor to show you care.

Product Adverts

Put them on bus stops, on buses, on billboards, in supermarkets, in malls, and the list goes on.

As you can see, the location is everything. Putting a product advert in a place where people have to wait means they have more time to consume the advert. Putting it on moving targets means they can travel, and putting it on billboards means they are already in prime locations and have a large canvas to shine. Supermarkets and malls are where money is spent, so could it be any more perfect?

Flyers and Brochures

It depends on what you offer, but flyers and brochures often work well for services and products. Flyers in letterboxes can often be washed away with the rain, but if you do manage to get your flyer through the door, its content could become part of the family.

Just look at Lidl; we all expect its weekly visit, and some of us even get our pens ready to circle what to put on our shopping list.

Social Media

If you have no social media presence, do you even exist? Maybe you do, but you probably just exist for you.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the big five, but there are more. On average, a person spends 151 minutes per day on social media. If you have social media presence, you are bound to take up a few seconds of this time as long as your strategy gets you in front of the people that matter. 


When it comes to internet presence, social media does flash in front of our eyes in all its flashy glory, but website presence is your online home. It is the gateway to all you are; it is your character on a plate; it is where your products shine; and it is where your branding can bind the client to your objectives.

Creating a website doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to realise what works and how to get your identity to be reflected in words and images. Read my website personal branding story to see where I am coming from.

Magazines and Print Press

Yes, you can access magazines online, but they still come in print form. There is nothing like holding a magazine or newspaper in your hands and having a good read. The smell, the feel, the nostalgia for the good old days… or is it just me? It can’t be if they are still around and companies are still paying good money to get their name in the pages.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Being online is great, and being in the pages of a magazine is wonderful, but getting your product, company, or people to be in the same place as others who can help your business thrive is very much part of the location game.

Get yourself a stand at a relevant exhibition, sign yourself up for a conference, be a speaker at one, or arrange a meeting with people who matter.

However you do it, get your flyers, brochures, and business cards ready to leave a part of yourself in the hands of the people you meet. Remember, you want a location in memory.

What do all of these have in common? They need written content.

Have I proven my case? Do you want to put yourself and your business where it can be seen? Do you want to get more attention when you sit in the front line of your customer’s memory?

Come aboard the Maria Gregoriou Writes ship, we are headed to the right location for you.

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