Brand Positioning vs People Positioning

Brand Positioning Vs People Positioning

My mother always says she tries to keep the peace and I tell her that won’t get her any closer to God when she sits at his table. Maybe not but he might get up and sit next to her.

There is always room at a table, but the thing is to know, even if you are head of that table when to give up your seat, when to sit closer to someone who may need you, and when you have to stand up. We are not all equal, but we are all human, even those on high horses.

My mum also said she would do anything for the quiet life — me being the quiet daughter and her being the woman (before I was a woman) to put everything in its place and make sure everything worked like clockwork. I may be quiet, but I observe, I remember, I see what kind of person I have before me through their actions, and I put things in perspective by writing about them.

I was part of a marketing team. We all went to see the client at his restaurant. The boss, his wife, three other employees, and myself. We gave the presentation and then we were all going to sit together for lunch. I went to “powder my nose” and when I came back, they were all sitting at the dinner table and the boss’s wife had saved me a seat next to her. She knew I was going out of my way to be there that day and that I didn’t feel my best. She had me sit next to her, she went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of because she appreciated my work, she appreciated me being there, and she did it because she also made sure everyone else at the table was sitting next to someone else they felt comfortable with. She didn’t verbally say any of this, but I observed what she was doing and I felt thankful.

I was called into a meeting. People had already been in the meeting for a while. I was called in together with one other person at that time. He had brought in his chair and there was another one at the table for me, but it was difficult for me to get to because of wires on one side and people in the way on the other — I am a big girl, I need room, plus I don’t like to disturb people. I was on my way back out to get another chair when the receptionist politely asked someone half my age and body size if they would mind moving to the other chair so I could sit where she was. No was the answer. Just a firm and stern no while her body posture became stricter and her eye contact didn’t wonder, not a bit, not a flinch. So, someone else offered to move and give me his chair.

See the difference from the above example?

The one has a certain position at nearly the top of the food chain, as it were, and uses it to be kind to those around her because she understands the human effect. The other also has a certain position on the food chain and tries to roar like a lion in a room full of foxes that already know their place and are much further along the fox hunt than she.

These two women have positioned themselves in their surroundings. Their actions have spoken louder than their words to anyone who cares to see them for what they are.

They clearly have a place in my mind but how can these examples be used to fit into the brand positioning game?


Do you want your brand to have more of a human element or face in the consumer’s mind or do you want them to have more of a rough and distinctively high-perched idea of itself?

When you think about positioning your brand, think about where it sits at the table. Think about the table first of all. Is it a dining table, a business table, a kids’ table, a futsal table, a ping-pong table…. you get the idea.

Decide at which table your brand should sit. Is it laid back and ready to mingle? Go for the dining table. Is it corporate and gearing up for more business? The business table it is. Is it full of energy, does it have its eye on the price, and ready to add on more muscle? A futsal table will do the trick.

In other words, what other brands does your brand fit in with?

Then ask where would your brand sit at the specific table. Do you want it to sit closer to the most successful brand? Do you want it to be its direct competitor? Do you want to eat into its profits? Sure you do, you are a business after all but how do you go about it?

You position your brand’s core values and beliefs in the consumer’s mind. You make them unbreakable, you make them transparent, and you stick to them. Then you let them steer the show because you know you have made the oars strong enough to guide your brand through any storm.

But be careful. Consumers are people and they can see if your core values are genuine and if your brand considers their needs or only concentrates on the bottom line at the end of each quarter.

Once you have that sorted and your brand is established as a brand that fits into the bigger picture of human existence and not into pictures on pound notes then truth is, it doesn’t really matter how far away from the biggest fish at the table your brand is, it will make its way to the head of it at some point and all on its own merit too.

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