Breaking Down a Coffee Brand 1

Breaking Down a Coffee Brand

Spilling, or rather, brewing the beans, has never been easier with brands like the Bean Bar. First of all, look at how that alliteration just seems to sing – and I didn’t have to try very hard. It is the perfect brand name for a coffee shop that starts playing with brand identity from the get-go.

This is a brand that excites me, and believe me, as a big fan of Nero, going above and beyond that is pretty hard to do for this coffee fiend.

Nero has that classic Italian feel – the bookcases, the leather couches, the feeling of rich coffee, and memories of when I was studying in the UK. Nostalgia is a great force, but as we go on, we look forward to new adventures, and if that means trying new coffee, I am all for it.

I just might have found my new hot coffee spot to create some new core memories.

sending you a whole latte love

The Beans are in the Name

It is not called a coffee shop, it is not included in the same category as the many, many coffee shop/ snack establishments out there.

It is called Bean Bar.

Let that sink in for a few minutes.

What does pop culture tell us about bars? We go to them because “everyone knows our name there,” – I will give you a while to let the last note of the song out – and we go to bars to tell the barman or woman all about our day. This sometimes goes along with drowning our sorrows in a glass or pint of alcohol. It is an establishment where we drink to forget – pop culture wills it so.

But here we have a bar where you can drink beans. It has the feel of an adult establishment – coffee should be drunk responsibly by adults, after all – but without the sorrow factor. Yes, the marketing says it will let you choose your positive vibe (more on that below) but it won’t, for most of us at least, leave us with a hangover.  

The One-Word Brand

You know they say, ‘tell us what your brand is all about with one word.’ Here that word is ‘vibe’ but not just any vibe, a positive vibe the customer can choose from once the chosen coffee hits the spot.

For me, the vibe I had on a Saturday morning when I had to drop my daughter off somewhere was tired and in need of a pickup. I asked for a cappuccino and my hand movement suggested ‘the bigger the better.’ One of the nice barristers behind the counter showed me the cup size, and then the one actually making the coffee asked if I wanted an extra shot. See my vibe was vibing all over the place, and they wanted to make me coffee to suit it and then change it.

Customer Inclusion: make them feel included

You know they say a brand should make the customer feel like part of a group? Bean Bar does this by using the word ‘tribe.’ As its website says, it is for coffee lovers and it is ‘a new “tribe” that sees things differently: with novelty, drive, and energy.’

Is it just a word the brand is throwing around? Is it just a marketing gimmick to pull in the coffee crowd?

I am very cynical usually, but not this time. Remember when I said I love Nero? I never felt part of a group at Nero. That is where I wanted to go to write, to sit alone and just be left alone. Sure, it has another concept and an older feeling for me, but Bean Bar does have that ‘come in, and know me better man’ kind of vibe – that’s that word again.

Packaging That Pings in Pink

Bean Bar’s brand colours are pink and brown – actually two shades of pink and two shades of brown. A subtle shade of pink reigns supreme on the brand logo and on the packaging, while a deeper shade of pink makes the upper part of the B logo. In fact, sometimes when I go to Bean Bar, I feel like one of the Pink Ladies from Greece and then at other times I hear the song La vie en Rose playing in my head.

Packaging that pings in Pink

Pink has a calming effect, especially the two shades of pink used here. They are not that of passion or lust so much, but one that is more playful and more encompassing of everyone. I am not a girly girl, so a full-on pink might have pushed me away, but the main pastel pink is a more natural colour. As the background colour for the logo, the colour used for the cups, and the main colour of the packaging of the coffee beans sold there is this light shade of pink, the products themselves get more attention, and the brand’s value can take centre stage.

The Tribal Look

The Tribal Look

You don’t just feel part of a tribe because of the total new look and new vibe of this coffee spot, you actually enter a place where the tribal is apparent. How you ask? The green plants hanging from the ceiling and as décor around the establishment. It is as if we have just walked into our natural habitat, coffee, good vibes, and all.

Social Media Marketing

It is very difficult for a brand to get its social media marketing right from the very start. With the agencies I have worked with it is clear that the way you start writing for social media and the images you use at the very start and not always the way you continue. This is because you listen to your audience, you see what works and what doesn’t, and you change your strategy to fit the numbers.

Just going through Bean Bar’s Facebook account, the beginning is full of pictures of animals and people on roller-skates – the hype crowd. Scroll up to some of the more recent posts, and the animals are gone. The people featured in the image are much more down to earth and look like they are just living in the moment. Different backgrounds were also tried out, and sometimes different fonts were used until, it seems, the marketing team landed on that subtle shade of pink that would give the product room to shine.

But the essence of the beans when it comes to social media are in the actual content of the posts. Nearly every post is about inclusion and about being part of the tribe. Some posts play with humor, others are clearly promotional, but they all share a common brand thread.

I thought I liked the coffee and the vibe, but then I saw the following post, and it hit that brand envy note for me. I will let the image and words in the post speak for themselves.

Social Media Marketing

Location, location, location

So, if you find your good vibe with your choice of coffee, shouldn’t the vibe slightly change depending on the location of the coffee you drink? I wouldn’t have thought so, and I didn’t realise that the same brand fine tunes its offering depending on the location of the shop.

Let me explain, it took me a while to understand it too.

I have only been to two Bean Bars: the one is next to Alpha Mega and the other is in Makariou Street, both in Nicosia. The first is a more grab the coffee and go kind of place. The Second is where you can go and sit down and enjoy your surroundings.

The Bean Bar on Makariou Street comes complete with a seating hostess and the offer to bring what you order to your table – this is my experience anyway. You just don’t get that anywhere in coffee shops (yes, it is not a usual coffee shop, we said that). It is a step back in time for me to when places like this had real service, and it is also very clever as the service suits the location.

But that is not all.

Now, I may have been studying the place to write this, and I may have been inspecting every little detail, but no one was really studying me. This is Cyprus. This is Nicosia. This is the main street of the Capital. This is where you are seen wherever you go; you are studied and scanned to see if you are known.





It seemed to me that everyone was just having their lunch and coffee without caring much about the people around them.

They were part of a tribe. They felt comfortable. They were part of the moment.

Can Coffee really do all that?

Can Coffee really do all that

Coffee alone cannot.

Coffee alone can help you wake up, it can change your mood, and for some of us, it helps us from snapping at others.

Coffee, together with a consistent brand voice that has been proven to work and fit the company, brand positioning, and working the market to your advantage, is what can do all that.

Don’t believe me? Have you had your coffee yet today?

Disclaimer: Any references to companies, brands, products or services are used by the author to showcase her own opinion and writing skills. Brand stories and business writing are used to provide insight into marketing strategies, branding, and any other techniques used by companies in the market today in order to provide a view to the marketing world as the author sees it.

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